Latest Design Invisible Female Full Adjustable Stainless Steel Chastity Belt

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Material: Stainless Steel

(1) The Female Fully Adjustable T-type stainless steel chastity belt  is excellent for long term use by most women. Its hand made and professionally finished to ensure her has no access to hers private parts. You will enjoy watching the frustration in her face as he can't touch any area of his genital organ.

(2)All Packaging Are Rigorously Check Whether Non Destructive. Parcel Is Opaque And We Will Not Leave Any Sensitive Information On The Packaging  That Better Protect Your Privacy!We normally mark your item as "Gift" "Toy ",Metal Crafts" or "Massager".

We have 4 color for the silicone cover:black,white,pink,blue,leave your note to tell us the color you want when you place order,otherwise,we will send pink color by default.